Current Sponsors

Every year, to achieve all of IronDogz Team 2773’s goals, we rely heavily on sponsors for their support, and without them our goals would be almost impossible to maintain. All donations of funds, merchandise, and time will make it possible for the team to succeed. If you are interested in supporting our team, please contact (The IronDogz Booster Club is a 501c3 non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible.)

Major Sponsors



Other Sponsors

Ronald and Connie Schlittler
James Schlittler
Law Office of John R. Morris
Milton T. Spratlin
I.V. and Angie Sims
Passport Health of Oklahoma
James and Mary Jane Godlove
Keith and Amanda Erwin
Mariner Wealth Advisors
Ernest and Jane Godlove

Our team is forever indebted to the support of all our sponsors. Thank you!